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Clothes Dryer Services

Specializing in Clothes Dryer Cleaning, Residential Dryer Cleaning, Dryer Safety and Dryer Fire Prevention Services

Dryerfighters has provided clothes dryer cleaning, residential dryer cleaning, dryer fire safety and dryer fire prevention services in the Greater Toronto Area for almost 20 years.

Working hand in hand with many Property Managers throughout Southern Ontario, offering condo owners the highest quality service with integrity.

For first class service, please contact us at 1-905-455-2203 or visit our store on AMAZON.CA for our high quality products! CLICK HERE

Dryerfighters specializes in the following services:

  • Clothes dryer dismantling and internal cleaning of all components using compressed air wands and HEPA vacuums
  • Dryer exhaust system cleaning
  • Fan coil preventative maintenance
  • In suite HVAC duct cleaning
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Serving the following property management companies:

  • Brookfield Residential Services
  • DEL Condominium Management
  • Maple Ridge Community Management
  • First Service Residential
  • Wilson Blanchard Management
  • Skywater Management
  • General Property Management
  • Manor Crest Management
  • Nadlan-Harris Property Management
  • Newton Trelawney Property Management
  • Malvern Condominium Management
  • Percel Property Management
  • Thorne Property Management
  • AA Property Management
  • ICC Property Management
  • MF Property Management
  • Sanderson Management

Some Very Satisfied Customers…

“Your firm disassembled and cleaned 521 dryers and 521 dryer duct systems in our building and in 20 years of Property Management I have never seen such a comprehensive service program completed as professionally and timely as yours. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our residents.
Super job guys!” -PH

“I have to tell you that my experience with Dryerfighters was phenomenal. We knew that our dryer was inefficient and that our air flow had been compromised, but we had no idea how terrible or unsafe our situation actually was. The technician that serviced our home was not only professional, but very well trained and did a fantastic job. We have already noticed a major difference.

Thank you for such superb service. We will be sure to recommend Dryerfighters to everyone that we know.” -BH

Dryerfighters Inc.

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